Finally, Droid does send contacts easily!
Ciacs Is A Contact Sender.
It allows you to easily send multiple contacts to multiple recipients as text,  business card or email.
-Can recognize contact from received texts and business cards
-Integrates with Share option of the Contacts app on Eclair
-Option to save sent texts
-Supports csv and vcard formats for email

This is intended to make up for the lack of easy way to send contacts on Android.


Unfortunately, developers from a lot of countries are still unable to sell apps on the market. If you wish to get the paid version ($1.99) without the ads, you may get it from a third party, Look for “Ciacs” by crueltenshi.

If you are using other app stores, let me know so I can put the app there.

If you like the app, please support by purchasing.

Post bugs, suggestions or requests. Thank you.


7 Responses to “Ciacs”

  1. Rodrigo Brandão Says:

    Thank you for this app. Now I can finally send and receive vcards.
    I will ask 2 things:

    1 – Please add bluetooth support to send and receive vcards.
    2 – Some messages with numbers are identified as vcards, please check it.

    Keep the good work.

  2. Guido Koenig Says:

    This is a nice app. For me, there a two things, that detains me to buy this app:

    1.) It would be nice, if you could set the minimum requirements for the phone to qvga in the market. I’m not able to find the app directly with my Xperia x10 mini pro.

    2.)Rotation feature would also be nice, because the x10 mini pro has a hardware keyboard on its left side. At the moment, I lay my head on the right shoulder by using the keybord.

  3. maddler Says:

    Simply great!

  4. pz Says:

    Good app. Please include the special letters and numbers in the T9 search.
    333 should filter all of the following contacts:
    Frederick 246788654
    Déd 111111111
    Fèf. 22222222
    Knee 43534366

  5. Arun Says:

    Can you send me the app. I am unable to download the app from market. Xperia mini pro

  6. Anupe Vincent Says:

    What are the features in Pro version that get disabled after the free trial period? I have been using your app for awhile and have to commend you on a wonderful piece of work. I will be buying the Pro version for sure. Just was curious about the difference between the 2 versions 🙂

    • gtbimaykel Says:

      Hi Anupe,

      Here are the Pro version features that gets disabled after the trial period:
      – Send via bluetooth
      – View .vcf files
      – Include contact photo (on .vcf export)
      – More settings options

      Thanks for the commendation and for buying! =)

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