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April 25, 2010
Finally, Droid does send contacts easily!
Ciacs Is A Contact Sender.
It allows you to easily send multiple contacts to multiple recipients as text,  business card or email.
-Can recognize contact from received texts and business cards
-Integrates with Share option of the Contacts app on Eclair
-Option to save sent texts
-Supports csv and vcard formats for email

This is intended to make up for the lack of easy way to send contacts on Android.


Unfortunately, developers from a lot of countries are still unable to sell apps on the market. If you wish to get the paid version ($1.99) without the ads, you may get it from a third party, Look for “Ciacs” by crueltenshi.

If you are using other app stores, let me know so I can put the app there.

If you like the app, please support by purchasing.

Post bugs, suggestions or requests. Thank you.